Major Mitchell's or Leadbeater Cockatoo

(Cacatua Leadbeateri)


Major Mitchell's cockatoos inhabit the wooded grasslands in the interior of Australia, and derive their name from the English explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell.


Unlike the Galah, Major Mitchell's are rarely reported in large numbers most often seen throughout their range in pairs or small groups. The Major Mitchell's spend a good portion of the day searching on the ground for grass seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, and roots.


The breeding season begins in March and can last into May given suitable levels of rain and moderate spring temperatures. They prefer wood nesting boxes or hollowed logs and are voracious chewers. Clutch size can range from 2 to 4 eggs with incubation by both parents lasting approximately 28 days. Parents raised babies usually leave the nest at about 12 weeks and continue to be fed and nurture well into the 18th week.


By far one of the most strikingly beautiful of the cockatoos, especially when displaying its large forward curving 'Indian war bonnet' of white tipped scarlet red crest feathers with yellow middle band.


Great care is taken in our selection for pet quality Major Mitchell's. They are by nature a shy and timid bird and with proper attention during their formative, juvenile months become a most desirable and unusual pet.


At Rudkin Aviary the Major Mitchell’s is our specialty.  Every effort is made to parent raise these birds for the discerning collector and/or breeder.  Occasionally we have hand-raised Major Mitchell’s for clients seeking pets.


For the collector/breeder we currently have young, guaranteed unrelated, DNA sexed pairs for sale.  Contact us for prices as the price varies by bird maturity.


We do not export, but will cooperate with a buyer arranged export freight forwarder.


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