Rudkin Aviary is a specialty collection of the most exotic Australian cockatoos. Founded in 1912 by Mr. F. H. Rudkin Sr., it has continued to flourish through the generations to the present owners, Terry & Rita Rudkin in Fillmore, California.


The aviary is a 'state of the art' facility situated on approximately 1/3 acre located within an avocado orchard at Rudkin Ranch immediately adjacent to our residence.  The aviary consists of number of breeding flights for our collection of Rosebreasted, Major Mitchell's, Long Billed Corella, Greater Sulphur Crested, Citron, and Goffins' cockatoos.


We specialize in Long Billed Corella, Major Mitchell's and Greater Sulphur Crested (Galerita Galerita) cockatoos.  Pet quality birds are generally available for delivery in May through July, and parent-raised birds are generally available year-round.


The aviary construction is of special manufactured low-lead content wire and steel with concrete floors to eliminate parasite infestation and the intrusion of vermin. Each flight provides the breeding pairs with natural eucalyptus perches and free access to sun or shade, and protection from adverse weather.


We do not buy and resell birds, therefore our collection is free of bird diseases and other problems that can result from exposure to outside bird populations.


Our aviary diet is based on the Roudybush pelleted-food products supplemented with fresh New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia expansa), eucalyptus branches & pods, and fresh citrus - all grown on the ranch property.


We do a minimum of artificial incubator preferring to allow our breeding pairs and mother nature to produce a superior quality baby bird. Baby birds are selected from the nest at approximately two weeks of age for hand raising to fill special orders for quality pets: the rest are parent raised for sale to bird collectors and breeders to meet their needs for breeding stock with all the advantages that come from parent raised birds.


All birds are closed banded with our own year-date & serial number to ensure our ability to track and report on their origin years later, and to protect from inadvertent breeding within the same blood lines.

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